Navatics MITO-The Most Stable Professional Underwater Deep Sea Discovery Drone

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Navatics MITO Underwater Drone With 4K Camera Powerray LED Light With Remote Control ROV Waterproof UAV 500m For Deep Sea Discovery 5500mAH Battery

Material: Waterproof Material
Power: 80Wh
Function: With Camera, With LED Lights, APP Control, With Remote Control, Build-In Active Stabilization System
Type: Remote Control, LiPo
Powered By: The Most Advanced Stabilization System
Camera:  A Crystal Clear 4K Camera
Battery: A Quick Charge Swappable Battery 5500mAH
Lights: Dual 1000 Lumen LED Lights
Thrusters: 4 Specially Designed Powerful Thrusters
App: Yes
Real Time Streaming: Wireless Live Streaming Up To 500m
Dimensions: 330mm x 250mm x 55mm
Operation Time: 4 hours

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